Development of High-quality Devices for Special Applications Based on Crystal Units of New Technologies


TR 32048; 2011-2014


Reljin Irini


This project includes:

  1. technology of double rotated SC cut quartz crystal units and ultra-thin micro-miniature AT-cut crystal units for filters;

  2. OCXO development and realization of high stability OCXO oscillator 5-130 MHz based on SC cut quartz crystal unit;

  3. Development and realization of band-pass and band-stop crystal filters for frequencies 30-180 MHz. It is proposed to be implemented in digital communication systems.Each phase of realization consists of numerous procedures in order to obtain ultra stable,high quality devices competitive on international markets.Quartz crystal unit is the heart of almost all devices for frequency control. Our proposal is to realize high-stability OCXO SC cut crystal unit from 5-30 MHz band,with strict demands from the list of technical characteristics especially having in mind low phase noise, short-term and long-term stabilities.It is further planned to develop and realize ultra-thin micro-miniature AT cut crystal units for frequencies from 30-180 MHz intended for filters with special demands for position and suppression of spurious resonantie, intermodulation,environmental characteristics and small frequency deviation in wide range of temperatures.


Participants from Singidunum University:

prof. dr Miroslav Lutovac