Erasmus+ KA2: PESHES – Development and Implementation of System for Performance Evaluation for Serbian HEIs and System

The reason, motivation, goals and outcomes of the PESHES project are connected with two important documents in the Republic of Serbia: Education Development Strategy in Serbia until 2020 and Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.


The wider objective of the project is improvement of management, operation and quality of HEIs system in Serbia and it has the following specific objectives:


  • Definition of indicators and measures for performance based evaluation of higher education institutions as a basis for value based management in Serbian HEIs system;

  • Structuring and pilot implementation of multi-dimensional ranking of institutions and study programmes;

  • Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation and re-accreditation of study programmes and HEIs.


It is important to underline that specific objectives are completely in line with the National Strategy and the Action Plan with code VO-ZD 09 Introduction of Quality Indicators in Higher Education. This particular action has following implementation actions: (1) Definition of set of indicators for monitoring of condition of HEs, (2) Improvement of accreditation standards, (3) Development of model for implementation of indicators.


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