Organizaciona i informaciona podrška sistemu upravljanja kvalitetom kao ključnim faktorom povećanja konkurentnosti naših preduzeća i njihovog bržeg izlaska na svetsko i EU tržište.

Project duration: 2011-2014

Project code: OI 179001

Project coordinator: Institute of Economic Sciences

Participants from Singidunum University: Mališa Žižović


The importance of research within this project stems directly from the significance of meeting the economic dimension of competitiveness of the country, i.e., equal participation of Serbia in the European and global market of goods and services. Thus, it is obvious that the companies (the focus of this project is a company) can and must activate all internal technical, technological, human, financial and other resources in order to achieve the required level of competitiveness of goods and services offered in the domestic and foreign markets. It should be emphasized that competitiveness in the domestic market is often underestimated and neglected despite the fact that it is extremely important as it represents the first step on the path towards achieving competitiveness in the European and global market. Competition in the domestic market is occasionally sharper and more complex for some goods and services, primarily due to the effects of some non-economic factors that are, in most cases, political provenances.

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