Tempus GOMES

The project aims to improve the governance and management in higher education in Serbia and enhance the role and importance of higher education in developing and expanding the state influence. Gomes
All leading higher education institutions and UMBRELLA ORGANIZATIONS in Serbia are involved in projects which aim to achieve the aforementioned goals. The governance and management modernization project in higher education is designed to improve the policy and strategy of the whole system of higher education, to enhance the role of higher education in society and to build long-term partnerships with students. Another goal of the project is to adopt standards that would guarantee the quality and improvement of a national framework for qualifications of higher education institutions.


Project CareerS is focused on development of career guidance in higher education as an integral part of development of system of career guidance in Serbia. Specific objectives of project are: Development of Program of Career Information, Guidance and Education aiming to increase youth employability, Enabling wider accessibility and variety of programs in Career guidance at Higher Education Institutions, Raising the level of recognizing importance of Career Guidance by the policy makers and other stake holders and Development of Career Guidance Programme for Youth and Methodology for CGC centres at Serbian HE institution.
Through this project, we will try to contribute to the implementation of certain measures and activities of the National Strategy of career guidance and counselling which are primarily related to students. The document itself represents an important strategic framework and a platform for institutionalization, sustainability and further development and promotion of CGC in Serbia. Readiness of the State to be more actively involved in dealing with career guidance system and the establishment of centres of the state universities that work since 2006. represent a suitable basis to integrate “bottom-up” and “top-down” processes in order to strengthen links between policy and practice in the area of career guidance.
Direct benefit of the project will have students, universities, academic staff, employers and policy makers.


The basic idea of SIGMUS project is to strengthen the role of students in governance and management at universities across Serbia, in keeping with the Bologna declaration. The project is one of the national priorities in the area of structural reforms in Serbia, which are related to the improvement of management processes at universities and development of student services.
The activities of strengthening the student representative bodies refer to planning and development of student organizations’ capacities and other student representatives.
In addition, project activities ought to encourage the development of student services across the universities in Serbia. The project results will be promoted to all target groups in Serbia, and will be primarily available to higher education institutions. Considering that the project has great national significance, it has been supported by all accredited universities in Serbia, as well as by the Ministry of Education and the National Council for Higher Education. This is the best guarantee of the sustainability of the project even after it has been completed.