Dunav i Balkan: Kulturno-istorijsko nasleđe

Project duration: 2011-2019

Project code: 177006

Project coordinator: Institute for Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Participants from Singidunum University: Verka Jovanović


The study and interpretation of cultural interaction in the Danube area, research will be aimed at highlighting the role of rivers in shaping perceptions of Serbia in Europe. In this sense, theoretically, it is a imagological, and the methodological, interpretative work, which includes the launch of new theoretical questions, collecting material, analysis, interpretation and testing assumptions about the historical, cultural and geographical importance of the Danube region in Serbia. The significance of this work lies not only in the collection and interpretation of materials such as guides for the trip on the Danube, in travel literature, cartographic views of the Danube and other relevant materials, but also in examining the scale of cultural, economic, commercial and political importance of the river in Serbia and the region of Southeast Europe. Thus, from their point of view and disciplinary aspects, researchers will interpret the significance of the Danube in the development of Serbia and the Balkans, and provide new insights into the role of cultural contact, international relations, expansion of scientific, artistic, economic, political and, in general, the impact of civilization.

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