Evropske integracije i društveno-ekonomske promene privrede Srbije na putu ka EU

Project duration: 2011-2019

Project code: 47009

Project coordinator: Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade

Participants from Singidunum University: Sanja Filipović


The subject of the research is European integration and socio-economic changes of the Serbian economy on the road to the EU. The research is interdisciplinary. The focus of the research will be primarily on the economic aspects of Serbia's EU integration. In doing so, the political dimension, as well as the necessary regulatory reforms, the construction of adequate legal infrastructure and the raising of the administrative capacities of Serbia will be taken into account. The aim of the project is to provide, on the basis of theoretical and empirical research, a quality and reliable basis for determining the program of measures and activities that will ensure that Serbia meets the conditions and criteria for EU accession within the planned deadline. The results of the research will be presented at scientific conferences and published in monographs, articles and proceedings, on the basis of which it will be possible to gain a clear insight into the level of development of the Serbian economy and activities that will accelerate the pace of Serbia in meeting the criteria, requirements and standards of the EU in the process of accelerating the convergence of the Serbian economy set by the standards for Serbia's accession to the European Union. The results of the research on this project will provide a reliable basis for shaping the vision of the economic, legal and political perspective of Serbia on the road to the EU. The results of the research project will contribute to a more effective decision-making process, faster and more effective implementation of further economic and social reforms in accordance with the defined criteria, requirements, standards and rules of the EU.

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