Istraživanje mogućnosti unapređenja tehnologije zavarivanja mikrolegiranih čelika

Project duration: 2011-2019

Project code: 35024

Project coordinator: Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Belgrade

Participants from Singidunum University: Dragan Cvetković


The subject of this project is improvement of the welding technology for micro-alloyed steels, in order to increase productivity and improve the quality of welded joints. It will be evaluated the following welding processes: a) SMAW, b) GMAW-MIG/MAG, c) FCAW-G with mixture of external shielding medium (Ar, CO2  and O2) and d) FCAW-S. In the mixtures of shielding gases the content of Ar, CO2 and O2 would be different, because the preliminary investigations executed in Fac. of Mech. Eng. in Belgrade showed that the appropriate choice of the shielding gas mixture composition can significantly affect the quality of the weld metal, and therefore the welded joint as a whole. Therefore, it is planned that the Project precisely defines the mix of shielding gases and to compare the obtained quality of welded joints with the quality of joints made by SMAW process. It was planned to made joints by FCAW-S process that is currently increasingly used worldwide in this area. It is also planned to investigate the influence of applied welding technologies on the properties of welded joints by different experimental methods: mechanical testing, metallographic examination and fractographic examination.

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