Istraživanje tehničko-tehnološke, kadrovske i organizacione osposobljenosti Železnica Srbije sa aspekta sadašnjih i budućih zahteva Evropske Unije

Research of technical-technological, staff and organizational capacity of Serbian Railways, from the viewpoint of current and future European Union requirements

Project duration: 2011-2014

Project code: 36012

Project coordinator: Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade

Participants from Singidunum University: Irina Branović


The project will include the research of the current situation and the EU requirements related to the field of railway transport safety, with special emphasis on the way of formation and financing, organizational and staffing structure, scope and working methods of so called “Safety Authority”, an entity dealing with the investigation and analysis of rail accidents, as well as proposing measures to raise the level of security. The aim of this part of the research is to propose optimal solution for “Safety Authority” in the Republic of Serbia. Special attention will be devoted to the research related to the potential of Serbian Railways in terms of EU requirements related to the compatibility and interoperability of technical systems, both in the field of technical exploitation characteristics and maintenance. Traffic-technical and organizational requirements that will appear in our railways upon Serbian EU entry, especially on Corridor X, will also be analyzed. Measures to meet these requirements will be proposed. Requirements for intermodal transport will be given special attention. In this regard, the EU environmental requirements regarding rail transport will be analyzed and possibilities of fulfilling the requirements by Serbian Railways will be explored. The situation regarding normative regulation of railway traffic will be explored and activities with the aim of raising this area to the required EU level will be proposed.