Novi prilozi tehnikama kriptologije, procesiranja slika i algebarske topologije za informacionu bezbednost

Project duration: 2011-2019

Project code: 174008

Project coordinator: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Participants from Singidunum University: Mladen Veinović


The project is dedicated to research activates on advanced techniques for information security regarding data secrecy and authentication control. Accordingly, the main goals of the project are at the following directions: techniques for security evaluation of certain symmetric encryption techniques and authentication protocols; advanced stream ciphers and authentication protocols which provide high security and low implementation complexity; advanced techniques for the key management (including the broadcast encryption ones);  advanced techniques for biometric authentication; application of the results achieved within prior steps for developing advanced mechanisms of information security in certain ICT systems including ones related to elements of medical ICT and smart grid.

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