Optimizacija performansi energetski-efikasnih računarskih i komunikacionih sistema

Performance optimization of energy-efficient computer and communication systems

Project duration: 2011-2014

Project code: TR 32023

Project coordinator: State University of Novi Pazar

Participants from Singidunum University: Miroslav Lutovac


Project consists of the development of new methods and algorithms, derivation of theoretical results, experimental verification, and development of systems for more efficient usage of computer and communication systems, with the focus on performance and to consume less energy. The topic belongs to Green technologies, and the focus is on consuming less energy or to reduce contamination and waste materials of computer and communication systems. Research is on efficient algorithms for signal and data processing, mathematical modeling, efficient spectral usage, optimization of computer systems, and usage of reconfigurable systems. The results will be used in communication systems, wireless communication, image and speech processing, and business decisions. Commercial software solutions will be produced, new or as upgrade of existing, or as part of equipments and systems produced by our participants.