Razvoj i primena metoda i laboratorijske opreme za ocenjivanje usaglašenosti tehničkih proizvoda

Development and Application of Methodes and Laboratory Equipment Intended for Conformity Assessment of Technical Products

Project duration: 2011-2014

Project code: 35031

Project coordinator: Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča

Participants from Singidunum University: Predrag Popović


Adjusting of technical legislation of the Republic of Serbia with the European legal heritage is of high importance for the economy, as it creates preconditions for increasing exports and provides consumer protection from non-quality products at the local market. Successful application of harmonized technical legislation requires upgrading of the infrastructure required for conformity assessment in the Republic of Serbia which will be in the position to apply the conformity assessment methods that are in accordance with the essential requirements of the compulsory EU Directives. In that way, producers would acquire the right to use the “CE“ labeling for their products, which is the proof of the product being safe for people and environment, and which confirms to the government organizations that the product has had a legal placement on the market. Due to the significance of these activities for the national economy development and for consumer protection, the authorized Conformity Assessment Bodies have to be empowered in compliance with the criteria set out in relevant directives and international standards regulating their field of work. The strengthened products conformity assessment infrastructure would become a technical service where producers wishing to market their products on the EU market could get all necessary technical information and certificates on conformity of their products with the requirements of relevant Directives, as well as to get actual assistance in analyzing and assessing the risks related to usage of the products. The expected project results would considerably help development of the products conformity assessment methods and proceedings, in accordance with the EU harmonized technical regulations, especially regarding the products where technical safety is relevant. This is a precondition for the economy of Serbia to create, in the priority fields, the products of necessary quality that can be competitive in the international market.