Uloga i implementacija državnog prostornog plana i regionalnih razvojnih dokumenata u obnovi strateškog istraživanja, mišljenja i upravljanja u Srbiji

Project duration: 2011-2019

Project code: 47014

Project coordinator: Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia

Participants from Singidunum University: Miroljub Hadžić


The research provides the knowledge base for the implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia (SPRS), which is expected to be approved this summer, as well as for its role as a strategic framework in integration of general and sectoral policies (1), and in renewal of strategic research, thinking and governance in Serbia (2). The research will be undertaken at three levels: 1) General theoretical and methodological framework; 2) Developmental (analysis of development and contextual factors and their respective roles and impact in defining a new model of strategic thinking, research and governance); and 3) Applicative (new policies, development measures and instruments, and institutional and organizational arrangements and support). Four subprojects are: 1) Renewal of strategic research, thinking and governance in Serbia and the utilization of its territorial capital; 2) New economic and social instruments for the implementation of the SPRS: the aspects of harmonizing various interests and control of conflicts, and accessibility of infrastructure and services; 3) Strategic governance at various regional levels; and 4) Information support to the implementation of SPRS and strategic decision-making. Based on this original research, a new set of instruments will be designed, to provide for a better protection and utilization of the territorial capital of Serbia, under the circumstances of “Europeanization of Serbia outside the EU and with its limited support”.

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